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Shellac Wax – Lac Wax – Shellac Cera

CAS Number: 97766-50-2
EINECS Number: 307-913-6


Shellac Wax is produced during the refining of Seedlac (which contains around 5% wax) into Dewaxed Shellac (which contains up to 0.2% wax), as a result of which the wax is removed by filtration and recovered. 


Shellac Wax is the second hardest natural wax after Carnauba Wax and has a melting point range of 77–86 degrees Celsius. It has similar high gloss polishing properties to Carnauba Wax and Candelilla Wax, so is often used in combination with, or as a substitute for these products. The Solvent Process produces a yellow coloured Shellax Wax, while the Bleaching Process generates an ivory white coloured Shellac Wax.


Wood Treatment Industry

Shellac Wax is used in furniture, floor and other wood polishes.

Leather Industry

Shellac Wax is used as a binding agent in shoe polish and other leather polishes.

Industrial & Other

Shellac Wax is used the manufacture of automobile polishes, carbon papers and wax crayons. It imparts flexibility to the Rosin coating on the windows of envelopes and can be used as a bottle sealer. It is also used as a ski-wax, mould lubricant and an ingredient in compositions for making dental impressions.