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Respin – Brasifen

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Respin REB – Respin RLP – Respin BRZ – Brasifen – Brasilac – Brazilian Gum Lac – Goma Laca

CAS Number: 8050-09-7
EINECS Number: 232-475-7


Respin is a natural thermoplastic resin derived from the Parana Pine, Brazilian Pine or Candelabra tree, Araucaria angustifolia, a conifer tree native to southern Brazil, northeast Argentina and parts of Paraguay. It is produced by the alcoholic extraction of its resinous parts.


Respin REB is a reddish-brown coloured powder while Respin RLP is the flake form. Respin has similar thermoplastic properties to Shellac. It is soluble in ethanol, methanol, acetone and esters but is insoluble in water, aliphatic and aromatic solvents.

Respin BRZ is a plant-based fumaric resin in solid form. It was designed to have a high acidity, which allows it to have excellent solubility in alcohol. It is also soluble in esters and ammonia and partially soluble in aromatic substances, but is insoluble in aliphatic systems. Due to Respin BRZ’s chemical and physical properties, the elaboration of alcohol and water systems with alkaline products, such as ammonia, can be readily made. Respin BRZ’s properties include excellent shine, elevated hardness and adherence, and no deposits are formed when the product is solubilised in an ammonia medium.


Wood Treatment Industry

Respin can be dissolved in ethanol to make liquid varnish and polishes for wooden surfaces. It can be used together with Shellac to improve the quality of the varnish coating in relation to gloss and time of drying. It can also be used in combination with natural and synthetic resins, mainly those produced from Rosin (Colophony), Nitrocellulose and P.V.A.

Printing & Packaging Industry

Respin is used in the production of alcohol-based flexographic inks, rendering gloss, flexibility, prompt drying and adherence.

Other Industries

Respin is used in fireworks. An alcoholic solution is used to impregnate the firework paper to protect against moisture and as a binder that holds the mixture together and helps produce a vivid colour.

Respin is used in lightbulb capping cement, helping to bind the glass bulb to the metal screw of the lamp, as a phenolic resin plasticiser.

Respin is used as a fixing and protection varnish for the layer of Silver Nitrate in the production of mirrors.

Respin RLP is used in paint formulations and varnishes for the foundry industry. These paints are added to the interior of sand moulds and the resulting castings have a smooth finish and no roughness. Respin in foundry paints thus reduces the cost of machining and polishing. The benefits of using Respin RLP in foundry paints include easy dissolution in ethanol, great adhesion properties in refractory, low volume of generated gases, high yield of paint and good stability of the resulting paste. Basically, there are three types of die casting depending on the type of melt that will receive the casting mould:

1) Zirconia Paint
2) Graphite Paint
3) Magnesite Paint