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Ceresine Wax – Ceresin – Cerasin – Cerosin – Cerin

CAS Number: 8001-75-0
EINECS Number: 232-290-1


Ceresine wax is derived from Ozokerite, which is refined by treatment with sulfuric acid, and then purified and decolourised using charcoal. When distilled in superheated steam, Ozokerite yields Ceresine wax.


Ceresine wax resembles Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) and has a melting-point of around 61-78 °C. It is commonly used as a substitute for, or mixed with Beeswax.


Other Industries

In the Personal Care industry, Ceresine wax is used as a skin ointment and an emollient in products such as extra-soft paper tissues.