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Aleuritic Acid Powder

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Aleuritic Acid – Shellac Aleuritic Powder – Hexadecanoic Acid – 9,10,16-Trihydroxypalmitic Acid

CAS Number: 6949-98-0 / 533-87-9 / 17941-34-3
EINECS Number: 208-578-8


Aleuritic Acid is obtained from Shellac by saponification and accounts for about 35% of its constituent material.


Aleuritic Acid is usually sold as a white or slightly yellow odourless powder or granule. It is moderately soluble in hot water or lower alcohols (e.g. ethyl, isopropyl and methyl alcohols) and crystallises after the solution is cooled. It has a melting point of around 95-98 degrees Celsius.


Pharmaceuticals Industry

Aleuritic Acid is used in the synthesis of Glucose Monoaleuritate (a non-toxic, non-hemolytic water-soluble compound), which is an isocaloric substitute for dietary Tripalmitin.

Wood Treatment Industry

Aleuritic Acid esters are used in the preparation of lacquers and varnishes.

Other Industries

Aleuritic Acid is used in the preparation of plastics, providing good adhesive properties by combining it with Rosin, Pithalic Andydride and Glycerin.

In the  Personal Care industry, Aleuritic Acid is used as a starting material for the synthesis of Civetone, Ambrettolide and Isoambrettolide, which are used as fixatives of musk-like aromas in the manufacture of perfume.