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In the Textile industry, Shellac is used in the Millinery industry to stiffen and improve the water-resistance of felt, allowing hat makers to shape the felt into brims etc. Traditional silk top hats and riding hats are constructed using gossamer (or goss), a cheesecloth fabric coated in Shellac and ammonia solution.

Ballet pointe shoes incorporate Shellac to improve their strength and longevity by providing resistance to moisture weakening.

Lac Dye has traditionally been used as a colourant for cotton and silk cloth. It is a natural dyestuff extracted from Sticklac and ranges in colour from pale yellow, through orange and red to dark brown. Having faced competition from synthetic dyes in the past, there has recently been a revival of interest in environmentally friendly colouring materials.

In the Leather industry, Shellac is used to finish and care for leather goods and is added to shoe polishes to improve shine and longevity.

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