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In the Packaging industry, Shellac is used as a water resistant coating for packaging coming into direct contact with food, such as paper bags, plastic films and aluminium foil. In the Paper industry, Shellac is used as a protective paper varnish, for example coating playing cards. In the Printing industry, Shellac is used as a binder for inks, including edible and flexographic inks, and is also used for photographic applications.

In the Engineering industry, Shellac is used as a binder in the fabrication of grinding wheels. The low heat generated by the grinding process allows the abrasive particles to break off, exposing new abrasive particles underneath.

In the Electrical & Electronics industry, Shellac is used as an electrical insulator and helps to seal out moisture. It is also used as an adhesive by lightbulb manufacturers to cement the metal base to the glass bulb.

In the Dental industry, Base Plate Shellac is a dental device composed of Shellac that used to rebuild the occlusal rim of full or partial dentures and is approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (21CFR872.6200).

Other Industries use Shellac for a wide range of applications. For example, it can be added to automotive polishes to improve shine and longevity, and provides a protective coating for bicycle handlebar tape. Added to natural rubber, Shellac acts as a stiffening agent and surface finish. In fireworks, Shellac acts as a pyrotechnic cement and low-temperature fuel, where it produces green and blue colours during combustion. Shellac also has many other applications as diverse as fishing and watchmaking.

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