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Cosmetics & Perfume industryIn the Cosmetic industry, Shellac has applications in a wide range of natural products because of its good adhesion properties and its ability to provide a moisture barrier and ultra-violet light protection. Shellac is generally recognised as non-toxic, hypoallergenic and physiologically safe.

Shellac is best known as a constituent in nail varnish treatments, providing a glossy finish and protective water resistant seal that helps to improve the durability of the nail polish. It is also used as a binder for mascara and eyeliners, as well as the micro-encapsulation of fragrances and perfume oils. In addition, Shellac is used as a glossy coating in hair sprays (aerosols and pump sprays), hair shampoos, lacquers and setting lotions. It also acts as a natural emulsifier for body-lotion and other emollients. Shellac wax is used in lipsticks, lip balms and salves.

In Europe, Shellac is recognised for use in natural cosmetics by COSMOS (the COSMetic Organic Standard).

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